Joyce Layman

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This speaker assists individuals and organisations to leverage new opportunities, navigate change, and turn everyday encounters into real results
Published Author of two phenomenal business books that provide powerful results
Speaker at TEDxUMKC
Previous clients include Hallmark, the National Association of College Stores, NEI Global Relocation and many more
Based in Missouri and available for worldwide bookings

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There are hundreds of ways to communicate with your audience and boring them should not be one of them. The keynote and breakout sessions at your event can make or break the whole experience. When you want to inform, inspire, give content, spark creativity, learn and laugh at the same time, team up with Scarlett Entertainment’s business speaker, Joyce Layman.

As a former wallflower in the world of business networking, Joyce has first-hand experience of what it takes to overcome the greatest obstacle you’ll face – the four inches between your ears. Joyce was fortunate to tap into information that transformed her life. She sought training in The Pacific Institute’s cognitive processes. It all starts with how you think.....and builds on how you connect. Applying cognitive processes to the art of connecting earned Joyce the reputation of being a walking LinkedIn. Bob Burg, bestselling author of the Go-Giver calls her the greatest networker in the world. Joyce shows attendees how to shift their way of thinking and push comfort zones to achieve bolder goals. Attendees will learn how to leverage the power of connection to build (and maintain) powerful and authentic relationships with colleagues, managers, clients and others.  More than motivation, audiences leave with simple, actionable tactics to create real results.

Since 2008, Joyce has worked with clients in various industries such as; Hallmark, Bryan Cave LLP, the Accredited Snow Contractors Association, the National Association of College Stores, NEI Global Relocation, CUPA-HR, PMI Professional Development Days and many more! She offers solutions through keynote speaking, breakout sessions, professional development workshops as well as individual business coaching for select clients.

Joyce combines her extensive training and experience in the science of mindset and the art of business connections to provide the one-two punch that gives her clients an advantage over their counterparts and their competition. At the continued prompting from audiences and clients, Joyce put her wisdom into book form with the release of two phenomenal books. 

In order to fully understand the event, organisation and individuals she is working with, Joyce conducts a 30-60 minute conference call with her clients in order to adapt and customise her speech to suit the client’s needs and deliver a well thought and thoroughly researched presentation. In addition to presenting powerful content, Joyce engages with conference attendees on social media before and after her speeches and workshops.

If you want an inspiring speaker that will enlighten, motivate and help guide your employees, guests, and audiences to their next level of success, then Scarlett Entertainment’s business speaker, Joyce Layman, is the perfect choice for your event. 

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  • Citi
  • Hallmark
  • NEI Global Relocation
  • The Accredited Snow Contractors Association
  • Western States Fire Protection
  • API Group inc
  • First Marblehead
  • Houlihan’s
  • PMI South Florida Chapter
  • TMS
  • The National Association of College Stores
  • Women’s Council of Realtors
  • Bryan Cave LLP

" Joyce outlines the simple steps you can take to propel yourself to success. Being uncertain about the future and, more importantly, your ability to handle the approaching uncertainties and obstacles is normal. Convincing yourself to take the Leap is not...but it can and should be. "

Harry Campbell, CEO Durrie Vision, and author of Get-Real Leadership

" I’ve often said that Joyce is the greatest networker in the world. Meet her and you’ll immediately understand why. Read her books and you’ll understand exactly how. Fantastic wisdom from which we can all benefit! "

Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

" Our participants were in the Mobility industry, some were direct competitors, they represented many different sub-industries, the attendees were from around the globe and Joyce needed to deliver a message that would resonate with everyone. She came in to our event a day early, intermingled with the attendees, learned a bit more about who we are and then hit a home run! Great message, great delivery, great reviews. You can’t ask for more than that! "

Al Blumenberg, VP Global Partner Relations at NEI Global Relocation

" Joyce spoke at the Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel conference. As a member of the program committee, I was impressed by Joyce’s commitment to learning about the financial aid industry prior to her keynote, her desire to research and meet with other individuals to learn about the challenges of the membership and craft her message to provide the most benefit to the audience. It was refreshing to know that Joyce had done her homework and delivered her message flawlessly. "

Mindy Hager, Senior Manager, Consumer Finance Group at PwC

" Joyce is a pleasure to work with. She has been instrumental in helping our organisation navigate through change. Joyce is an excellent listener and is genuine in helping our organization. She is passionate about her work and she creates energy in the room. I admire her high quality work and she continuously adds value to our organisation "

Chad Wilkins, Former Executive Director and President, Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.