Cabaret Dancers France

Cabaret Dancers France

Cabaret dance show boasts high-energy can can routines and gorgeous feather and sequin costumes
Show is classy and boisterous and it mixes live can can dancing, singing, comedy and magic
Available in different lineups, our can can dancers also offer a walkabout themed act for parades, outdoor events, etc.
Perfect cabaret-themed entertainment for events such as galas, dinners, after dinner experiences, ceremonies, themed events, private parties, etc.
These Cabaret Dancers from France are available for bookings internationally

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Bring an authentic 1920s Paris flavour to your upcoming event or celebration with these Cabaret Dancers from France, a group of performers who will transport audiences back in time!

Backed by over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry, this group of themed dancers have entertained both small and large crowds with their talent, stage presence and fancy vintage flair.

An exciting cabaret dance show that can includes dancing, singing, comedy and magic acts, all the different acts include costume changes and original choreographies. From white burlesque feather costumes to classic red can can dresses, our performers have a comprehensive selection of outfits they wear throughout the show.

A whirlwind of feathers, corsets and sequins, this cabaret dance show is inspired by Paris’ most famous cabaret. Our dancers have designed a spectacle that is well known for being classy yet boisterous!

Available in many different lineups, these can can dancers can be booked in different groups to suit your specific requirements. Offering both a stage show and a walkabout themed act, this dance troupe will be happy to adapt to different performance spaces and adapt to your specific needs. 

Well suited for a variety of occasions, this cabaret dance show can be the ideal live stage entertainment option for galas, dinners, after dinner experiences, ceremonies, themed events, private parties, and many more!

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of cabaret themed entertainment for events in France and worldwide.

Enquire about these Cabaret Dancers from France today by contacting us. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about these can can dancers and assist you with your booking.