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Cape Town Fire Performers

Experienced performers with jaw-dropping skills creating the perfect show for your event
Provide everything from ambient fire acts to high energy stage shows
Customisable group sizes, props and types of fire show for a unique experience
Book for corporate events, private parties, ceremonies and exhibitions
Based in Cape Town, South Africa, and available for events worldwide

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Our Cape Town Fire Performers are the perfect way to captivate your guests with the most primal of fascinations - fire. They create a mesmerising spectacle of sparks and flames that is as immensely dramatic as it is calming and relaxing. The team has a flexible approach so that they can provide a unique fire show for every event.

These experienced Cape Town fire performers have a range of jaw dropping skills with a variety of different burning props and flaming sculptures. With a variety of male and female fire performers available, they can completely tailor their fire act, groups sizes and even costumes to everything from high energy stage shows to ambient walkabout performances.  Our Cape Town Fire Performers have the most diverse range of fire entertainment for clients to choose from. 

Based in South Africa this team of elite fire performers will delight your guests with ambient and sizzling fire shows. The fire entertainment is perfect for VIP events, opening or closing ceremonies, festivals and special occasions the world over. Whether you are looking for a jaw-dropping fire show to round-off your party or ambient fire displays to take place throughout your corporate event, the Cape Town Fire Performers are guaranteed to create the most suited fire entertainment for your event. 

Top Tip:
The team behind this exciting fire entertainment also offers other options such as a Psychedelic UV show and a vibrant Aztec tribal act.

If you would like to book the services of our South African fire performers, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment and they will coordinate the very best fire show for you. 

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