Lih Qun

Cello Player Berlin

Incredible cross-disciplinary artist combines music & acrobatics
Repertoire includes both classical & classical crossover pieces
Has performed in theatres across Europe & Australia to standing ovation
Perfect as background music or the centrepiece of your event
Based in Berlin & available to perform at events worldwide

Cello Player Berlin VIDEOS

This incredible cross-disciplinary artist combines music and acrobatics to create a stunning and unique audio-visual performance that will captivate audiences at any event.

A classical trained cellist, she can perform both classical and classical crossover pieces as well as her own original compositions, which explore the full vocal and percussive range of the cello. Her performances explore the intricately shifting textures, harmonies and cross rhythms of this beautiful instrument.

Her performances are anything but ordinary; she can perform as a solo cellist or as a duet with an aerial acrobat performing a beautifully choreographed aerial dance, she can also play the cello while swinging from a pendulum on a 45 degree angled stage. Exciting, innovative and unique her performances will add a subtle WOW factor to your event.