White Cello

Cello Player Zurich

An exuberant, lively and sparkling Cello Performer
Intoxicating mix of beautiful sounds on a stunning white cello
Sounds spiced with Latin, Techno, Progressive, Chill out, Lounge, Pop
A treat for eyes and ears, which begins with a heartbeat and a cello bow
Based in Zurich and available to perform at events worldwide

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Swiss Cello Player Liz performs an intoxicating mix of beautiful sounds on a stunning white cello. Her sound is spiced with Latin, Techno, Progressive, Chill out, Lounge, Pop and more; a diverse musician who is perfect for a wide range of events.

Liz’s professionalism and talent has proved to be extremely popular with corporate events, her previous clients including, BMW, Nokia, LGT Bank, ACER and many more.

She provides a range of subtle classical background music, to dramatic musical shows that dazzles both audiences’ eyes and ears. Swiss Cellist Liz can perform as a solo act, or with other musicians. She is often seen performing a refreshingly new form of musical interpretation, discovered in Switzerland, where she performs alongside the spectacular Russian gymnast, Slava.

Whether performing as a soloist, with classical vocalists or other musicians, including a Jazz Saxophonist, Liz’s sound and showmanship really stands out, inspiring audiences everywhere.

  • Nokia
  • ACER
  • Benissimo with Dima Shine SFDRS 1
  • Privalo 2011
  • Roadshows:
  • UPC Various cities Austria Summer 09
  • Private events:
  • Alois Kronschläger: Opening / Artists Studio 303 Brooklyn USA
  • Rooftop Party Brooklyn: Artist Studios Greenpoint New York USA
  • Peter Schneider: Commemoration / director Ono Bern
  • Nietturmbar shipbuilding: Bar & Lounge Zurich
  • Vertigo: Bar Lounge Club Zurich
  • Meylenstein: Bar & Lounge Zurich
  • Night Flight: Bar & Lounge Lower Village Zurich
  • Merchants: Restaurant Bar Lounge Club Zurich
  • Hardone: Bar & Lounge Zurich
  • Corporate:
  • LGT Bank
  • Credit Suisse
  • TV appearances:
  • Super Talent RTL 2010
  • FTI Various cities Germany Autumn 09
  • Marco Cello: From Dusk Till Dawn party Zurich
  • Gerhard Merzeder: Birthday / Photographer Zurich
  • Urs child: Birthday / club owner Red Floor Zurich
  • Hotel Sonne wedding Küsnacht
  • Bars/Clubs:
  • Tente Rouge: Lounge Bar & Club Zurich
  • Adagio: Club Zurich
  • Westend Bar Lounge Club Zurich
  • Hermitage: Jazz Café Schwaz Tirol A
  • Club Q: L'équipe extraordinaire En Vogue Zurich
  • Maag Music Hall: Dani King / She Dee Jani Zurich
  • And Many More
  • BMW