Minke Ruel - Champagne Chandelier

Champagne Aerialist Netherlands

Stunning Champagne Aerialist Netherlands serves guests drinks from above their heads!
Hanging delicately from a beautiful chandelier, our aerial drinks server is sure to turn heads
Our chandelier waitress is the perfect show stopper for high-end parties, VIP events, clubs, weddings and more
Performing graceful aerial choreography high above your event, our chandelier waitress is a talented circus performer
Based in Arnhem, Netherlands, our aerial champagne waitress is available for international bookings

Champagne Aerialist Netherlands VIDEOS

Champagne Aerialist Netherlands PHOTOS

Performing stunningly beautiful feats of strength and grace, our Champagne Aerialist Netherlands defies gravity with her high-end act. 

Expertly pouring champagne into the flutes of guests below, our aerial drinks server is sure to turn heads. Performing graceful aerial choreography, our talented chandelier waitress tops up the glasses of guests without spilling a drop! 

A wonderful show-stopping act best performed high above a crowd, this aerial drinks server will charmingly perform twists and turns, and upside-down choreography while hanging from her bespoke chandelier. 

Suspended by white silks, our aerial champagne pourer swings from her glass chandelier, which holds bottles of champagne in ice buckets from which she can pour. Serving drinks directly to guests or aided by waiters on the ground, this fabulous aerial champagne pourer act is sure to add an extra sparkle to your guests’ night.

Fantastic as a breathtaking opening act or performed throughout an event, our professional chandelier waitress offers an exceptionally unique and impressive act for clubs, high-end parties, gala dinners, VIP entertainment and more. 

Why not add a touch of glamour to your wedding with our aerial champagne waitress? Serving the bride and groom during the speeches and toasts, or throughout a drinks reception or above the dance floor, our aerial drinks server will undoubtedly create a touch of magic to your special day as well as creating a spectacle your guests will never forget. 

Top Tip:

Not a champagne fan? Our chandelier waitress can perform with any drink you choose. How about a themed cocktail to match your event or a soft drink for dry occasions.  

Just one of our talented aerial champagne waitresses, discover our other performers for stunning aerial drinks server acts. 

To book our Champagne Aerialist Netherlands, contact our team of Entertainment Experts. 

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