Peppi The Clown international Comedy Clown Show

Circus Clown Japan

A dazzling and stunning comedy act that will provide cheer for all ages.
Circus performer draped in beautiful clown costumes will captivate events of all sizes.
Always smiling circus clown will keep engagement and interactive levels high.
Hire juggling clown ideal for parties, street performances, corporate events, family days, and more.
A fantastic clown available for events throughout Japan and worldwide.

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Bring our dazzling and wonderful circus clown to your event and treat guests to an amazing juggling clown that is sure to delight. Charming, sophisticated, and hilarious, our circus performer will provide your upcoming special occasion with an interactive entertainment experience that will bring the wow factor your event is looking for, mix and mingling with guests of all ages, creating a flurry of different meet and greet opportunities. A truly wonderful comedy act, our always smiling circus performed is filled to the brim with cheer and happiness that will keep your guests smiling too. 

Our fantastic roaming and on stage circus clown will keep guests engaged and entertained, creating a wonderfully sophisticated atmosphere at any size event. Our fantastic juggling clown is draped in a masterfully crafted clown costume that resembles the traditional clown look with a modern twist, a visually appealing costume for the eyes. Creating long lasting memories, our comedy act will catapult your special event or social gathering to new levels of fantastic that will see your guests leaving with unforgettable experiences and conversations. A truly engaging circus performer that provides a lot of cheer. 

Our unique circus performer can fit his comedy act within most event styles or theme guidelines, providing a few customization options that will surely keep your upcoming gathering fresh and memorable. Our outstanding comedy act clown can be booked as a solo performer and includes a set that features 2 shows and an included roaming performance, lasting around 25 minutes to 30 minutes. An outstanding interactive entertainment experience that is perfect for corporate events, private parties, family days, street performances, themed occasions, and much more.  

Contact any of our extremely helpful team members here at Scarlett Entertainment if you're interested in booking our fantastic and exhilarating comedy act for your next special event.

  • Korakuen Amusement Park Tokyo Dome City
  • Toshimaen Amusement Park Tokyo Japan
  • Ebisu Garden Place Tokyo Japan
  • Ikspiari Maihama Tokyo Japan
  • Tokyo Motor Show Tokyo Japan
  • Miyako Hotel Okinawa Japan
  • Marine Park Hokkaido Japan
  • River Walk Fukuoka Japan
  • Tobu World Square (main performer for 23 years)
  • Super Circus Tokyo Japan 2004-2005
  • Japan Tour with Haida Shoko and Iimai Yuzo Ookasan to iisho 2011-2012
  • Tokyo Dome City
  • Laqua Spa Tokyo Dome City
  • Sunshine City Ikbukuro Tokyo Japan
  • Decks Odaiba Tokyo Japan
  • Tokyo Disney Sea Tokyo Japan
  • Okinawa Club Med
  • Hokkaido Fantasy Dome
  • Fukuoka Canal City
  • The Marina Shopping Centre Fukuoka Japan
  • Tivoli Park Okayama Japan
  • Nagasaki Holland Village
  • Base Ball Cafe Tokyo Dome City


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