Living Snow Globe

Living Snow Globe

A unique and magical special effect filled snow globe that will make an entire family believe in magic
A Snow Queen interacting with the guests with a winter wonderland scene inside a snow globe twinkling and illuminating the way through a crowd
A memorable spectacle sure to enchant and amaze all of your guests and leave a lasting impression
A roaming act perfect for winter, snow and Christmas themed events such as weddings, themed parties, corporate events, winter balls and more
Based in the UK and available worldwide to bring the magic of winter wonderland to all events

Living Snow Globe VIDEOS

Let your guests experience the magic and wonder of the fantastic Interactive Roaming Snow Globe. This is a totally one of a kind giant mobile snow globe with a beautiful snow queen inside. The enchanting and unique roaming entertainment will captivate audiences of all ages and leave them questioning whether it is real or not. This really is a spectacular attraction. 

The self-contained Interactive Roaming Snow Globe elegantly drifts through your event space and requires no power sources to operate. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the roaming snow globe is predominantly weatherproof and able to withstand rain, snow and even most winds. Alternatively, where floorspace is lacking, the interactive snow globe can be used as a fully static themed installation with exactly the same wow factor impact. Not only a beautiful attraction at daytime events, the whole globe is also beautifully self illuminated, making it an especially magical spectacle in the dark.

The unique roaming entertainment concept quickly draws attention from the crowds. The fascination of a giant snow globe with a stunning snow queen inside will fill your guests with curiosity. Interaction with guests is fully encouraged, in fact, the globe has a large red button on the front that when pressed releases a blizzard of snow within the globe. Gentle, atmospheric music plays from the Snow Globe and a variety of wintery sound effects are triggered by a sweep of the snow queens hand, surprising and delighting spectators. 

Over 20 years experience in the entertainment and circus industry has led to the creation of this unique interactive snow globe. It has a very dramatic impact at every single event and is the kind of act that creates long lasting memories. It is extremely well suited to winter, Christmas or snow themed events, public spaces, shopping centres and always becomes the centre of attention.

Top Tip:
For under the sea or beach themed events you can also book the Interactive Roaming Sea Globe or a Flower Globe for spring and summer events.

Please contact our Entertainment Coordinators to book the giant mobile snow globe for your festive celebrations or winter themed events. 

" “We wanted something magical to surprise and intrigue visitors for our new winter street festival Winterheart and were not disappointed. Children and adults alike were entranced and charmed by the Living Snow Globe show. Instagram lit up with thrilled audience posts commenting on the beautiful music and spectacle. We couldn’t have chosen better than this high quality show. Everything from the detail in the costume to the human connection with the audience was just perfect and lost nothing when the last show was accompanied by rain. As an added bonus Living Snow Globe attracted pre event coverage in the regional press thanks to the good promotional photos and in turn gained us a radio spot on BBC radio Newcastle. The company were easy to work with and I can’t recommended them highly enough. We are looking at the other Show Globe shows for our established Street carnival in late May.” "

Carol Alevroyianni, SALTo Arts productions

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