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If you are looking for a unique surprise act for your event, look no further! No meal time is complete with out these funny waiters
Combining table to table entertainment, comic events and a full stage show, your guests are in for an unforgettable ride
Customisable entertainment for your event, our singing waiters and comedy professionals will take care of all the practical details so you can relax
Our comedy waiters have an amazing list of past clientele including the King and Queen of Norway, The Prime Minister of Denmark and AC Milan players
Hire surprise waiters for events in London and internationally

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Scarlett Entertainment is an award winning entertainment agency, providing a wide range of entertainment acts for events in the UK and worldwide. Comedy Waiters Act UK is an exceptional surprise act, featuring singing waiters, staged unfortunate events and a full stage show. Our funny waiters bring a light hearted atmosphere to events, making them the ideal ice breaking addition to corporate dinners, galas and wedding receptions. Surprise waiters are a memorable form of entertainment and will make sure your event is remembered for a long time to come. 

Lulling guests into a false sense of security, our comedy waiters will begin the evening by mingling with the real serving staff at your event. As guests sit down to eat their dinner, chat about the weather and enjoy a nice glass of wine, they will have no idea what is waiting just around the corner! As guests begin to relax and let their guards down, the atmosphere will start to unravel. Perhaps a plate is dropped and not picked up, or a member of staff comments very loudly about their distaste for a guest’s chosen outfit. Before you know it the event will have ascended into chaos and attendees will be in fits of laughter.

An intelligent and downright hilarious team of surprise waiters, our funny waiters will adapt their routines to  suit your specific event, providing customised comedy to ensure that every diner is tickled. Incorporating singing waiters, improvised theatre and full stage shows, this professional group of experienced performers know exactly how to work a room. Having performed for the Queen of Norway, Prime Minister of Denmark and numerous big names like IBM and IKEA, this tried and tested comedy surprise act is guaranteed to titillate guests without turning your event into a dog’s dinner. 

To find out more, contact our expert team of entertainment coordinators at Scarlett Entertainment UK today.

  • The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark
  • Paolo Maldini and other players from AC Milan
  • The Mayor of Athens
  • The Queen of Denmark
  • Wimbledon Champion Stefan Edberg
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark
  • The King and Queen of Norway
  • Peter Schmeichel
  • The President of The European Social Democrats
  • The Greek Minister of Culture
  • The President of Iceland
  • Michael Laudrup
  • The Minister of Culture in Luxembourg


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