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Contemporary Urban Dance

Incredible contemporary dance show will captivate audiences with its striking choreography and ground breaking design
Cutting edge dance routines incorporating martial arts, hip hop, urban dance and more into powerful and emotive performances
Give your audience the chance to learn some urban dance skills with our fantastic interactive workshops
Award winning experimental dance can be performed anywhere and will incorporate scenery and stages of any shape into their atmospheric show
Revolutionary dance act available for performances worldwide

Contemporary Urban Dance VIDEOS

Contemporary Urban Dance PHOTOS

Book this revolutionary contemporary dance show and experience their gripping and breath taking routines. This ground breaking experimental dance performance is a mind blowing and emotive mixture of different dance styles and is sure to leave a big impression on any audience. Guests will be blown away by the striking choreography and mesmerising production of this urban dance show that promises to deliver a spectacle like no other. Combining a huge range of disciplines like street dance, martial arts, hip hop, urban dance and fashion into a singular vision, this unforgettable show will have audiences riveted from start to finish. This award winning and visionary dance act is the perfect choice for giving audiences at events, parties and festivals a truly extraordinary experience like nothing they’ve ever seen.

This contemporary dance show offers guests an intense and powerful spectacle they won’t soon forget. Combining intricate and striking choreography and the discipline and intensity of martial arts with dark themes and motifs, this urban dance act explores powerful ideas of life and death, wonder and mystery. These intricate and captivating experimental dance routines can be performed anywhere, at any kind of event.

Our dance act works especially well outdoors or in unconventional venues like Churches, museums and theatres where the unusual architecture and space adds to the dark atmosphere of the pieces. Our dance team are adept at incorporating any space or stage into their routines and can create a dance masterpiece to suit any venue. Our talented dancers can also impart some of their immense dancing skill to your guests through their interactive and highly celebrated dance workshops.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide range of cutting edge street dance acts as well as dancers in styles and themes from around the world.

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