Lutrek Statues - Miss Copper Kettle

Copper Tea Lady Living Statue

Street act featuring exceptional interactive entertainment that will captivate.
Phenomenal living statue display will keep guests engaged and entertained.
Visually appealing human statue performers will provide your event a "wow" factor seal of approval.
Remarkable vintage performance for club nights, themed events, private parties, etc.
Book street performer for events across the United Kingdom.

Copper Tea Lady Living Statue PHOTOS

Treat your guests to a fun and wonderful vintage entertainment experience by booking our sensational living statue act, featuring a remarkable street performer that will transform into a delightful copper tea lady that will interact and engage your guests with a variety of hilarious tactics. The perfect accent act for any social gathering, our exceptional human statue display will leave behind lasting impressions and unforgettable memories filled with hilarity, charm, and sophistication. A truly vintage street act will fill your event with energy ensuring your guests stay entertained. 

Our amazing vintage street act will keep your guests on their feet, engaged in conversation as our wonderful living statue street performer engages and entertains with extreme dedication and passion. Bringing an instant wow factor seal of approval to your special occasion, our human statue will perform an assortment of simple movement routines while creating a group of hilarious tactics that will keep your guests turning their heads. Dazzling and visually pleasing, our engaging entertainment experience creates breath taking slow movement visuals that compliment our phenomenal copper tea lady, your guests will fall head over heels for our lovely living statue. 

Our slower than life vintage street act entertainment experience is perfect for street performances, gala dinners, corporate functions, themed occasions, festivals, and much more. Our exceptional street performer will seduce your guests with dazzling smiles and their hilarious personality, creating a sparkling and joyous atmosphere that will help our themed living statue take your event to the top. Our mind blowing street act will not disappoint, and will surely keep you and your upcoming event or gathering in the spotlight for months.  

If you are interested in booking our copper tea lady street performer and living statue display, contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team members who will answer all of your questions in regards to our themed statues, as well as guide you through our booking process.

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