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Viva La Diva Showgirls

Diva Showgirls

Fantastic cabaret dance troupe will delight guests at your event
Bring glamour and excitement to any occasion
Wide range of dance routines available with option for customisation
Ideal for parties, ceremonies, corporate functions, & more
Based in Somerset and available to perform at events worldwide

Diva Showgirls VIDEOS

Diva Showgirls PHOTOS

A professional ensemble of glamorous dancers, our fantastic Diva Showgirls are certain to bring the wow factor to your event with their spectacular costumes and sensational choreography, delivering a brilliant performance that showcases their passion for dance every time.

An experienced troupe who perform with flair and expertise, their extensive repertoire includes the French Can Can, the exotic Copacabana, a cheeky Charleston number, a sizzling Samba display, Las Vegas Showgirls, a retro Wartime Favourites show and more! A versatile group, the girls will happily choreograph new routines or tailor existing ones to suit your theme or event, and can also provide meet and greet entertainment.

Bringing glamour, excitement, quality performances and an electric atmosphere to any occasion, our Diva Showgirls are the perfect choice for your event.