DJ Knight - 2Live

DJ and Percussion Duo

Merge the modern sound of a live DJ with the rhythm of the drums
Provide a dynamic and high-energy act that gets people dancing
Both well established and world renowned artists in their own right
Create a musical fusion that gives your event something special
Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

DJ and Percussion Duo VIDEOS

DJ and Percussion Duo PHOTOS

If you are looking for an original way to entertain your guests that will leave them talking, even after the party has ended, then our DJ and Percussion Duo are just what you have been waiting for!

Together they provide a dynamic and high-energy act that merges the modern sound of a live DJ with the time-honored rhythm of the drums.

Well established artists in their own right, our female drummer Jaz is well-known for her high-energy performances on drum kit and percussion whilst DJ Knight is a world renowned celebrity DJ who has performed at many celebrity events, parties, weddings and shows.

Together these talented individuals merge together to create a musical fusion that really gives your event that something special. With a large musical set list, they are able to tailor their shows to perfectly suit your event and audience.

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