Sud Ouest Passion - Electric Bike Rally

Electric Bike Tour France

An exciting outdoor teambuilding experience on two wheels
Designed for groups of 14 people, although it can be adapted to smaller and bigger groups
Participants will use electric vintage bikes and enjoy some refreshments during short breaks
The tour involves different challenges and activities including wine and insect tasting
Available in Toulouse, Albi, Moissac, Fronton, Carcassonne and other locations across France

Electric Bike Tour France PHOTOS

Invite your employees or work colleagues to rediscover some of the most beautiful corners of France by joining this Electric Bike Tour, a corporate group activity that will take them on a three-hour journey across the French countryside.

During this sightseeing bike tour, participants will travel through the best landscapes on France. They will be provided with additional vintage equipment such as glasses, gloves and helmets. The route includes visiting magnificent landscapes and also short breaks so bike riders can also enjoy the beauty of architecture and nature around them. 

This outdoor teambuilding experience will put people’s five senses to the test with different tasks and challenges. Participants will need to pass an olfactory test, oenological quiz, do some wine and insect tasting whilst blindfolded and practice crossbow shooting.

There are 14 vintage electric bicycles available for this type of tour. However, additional VTC, electric VTT and Solex Vintage bikes can be provided for bigger groups. This off-site corporate group activity is the perfect opportunity for workgroups to experience something different together and create shared memories.

The price of this sightseeing bike tour includes:

  • Electric bikes for 14 people
  • Trained staff/guides
  • Different material and tools to undertake different challenges and activities along the way
  • Vintage equipment like helmets, glasses and gloves
  • Insect and wine tasting
  • Crossbow shooting test

This exciting vintage bike tour is available in different locations across France including Toulouse, Albi, Moissac, Fronton, Carcassonne, Soreze, Gruissan, St Felix de Lauragais and any other location of your choice. Our vintage bike tour experts can provide route programs on request.

Enquire about this Elecric Bike Tour today by contacting our in-house team of entertainment experts. Ask to speak to one of our coordinators and request further information on this corporate group activity. They will be happy to help you and assist you in the booking process.

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