Tosca Beat - Operatic pop band

Electronic Opera Group

Explosive fusion of opera singing and urban beats delivered by a young group of opera singers and musicians
Happy to customise their performances and share the stage with other artists such as dancers
Performed at the UEFA Futsal welcoming ceremony alongside BMX stunt riders
Ideal live music entertainment for galas, ceremonies, festivals, corporate events, theatres, etc.
This Electronic Opera Group is based in Slovenia and available for international performances

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If you’re looking for a unique yet traditional live music entertainment option for your upcoming event or big celebration, then look no further. This fantastic Electronic Opera Group is guaranteed to become an instant hit at your party with their extraordinary mix of classical vocals and urban beats!

Loved by both electronic music listeners and opera fans, this operatic pop band is the perfect blend of modern and classical music. Our electronic opera music group can adapt their show to different spaces and both small and large audiences. Our performers can also dress appropriately for each occasion and sing both their own compositions and covers.

With an urban heart and passionate about opera singing, our female vocalists joined forces with a group of musicians to create this unique and innovative musical project. This operatic pop trio and their band appeal to wider audiences with their explosive fusion of styles, a combination that surprises and captivates.

Electronic opera music allows listeners to explore new sounds and rhythms. With this aim in mind, our musicians invite audiences to join them on a journey of exploration and creativity!

Backed by years of experience performing as solo artists, our vocalists and musicians have entertained audiences at numerous major events and Festivals in Slovenia and across Europe. They have the opportunity to perform at the UEFA Futsal welcoming ceremony alongside other artists such as BMX stunt riders and breakdancers.

Top Tip:

Happy to share the stage with other performers, our operatic pop band is committed to work closely with other artists in order to create a performance that meets and exceeds your expectations.

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing a variety of live music entertainment options for events and occasions in Slovenia and all over the world.

Book this sensational Electronic Opera Group by contacting us today and making an enquiry. Our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to provide further details on this live music entertainment option and assist you in the booking process.


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