Vesper Electric String Quartet

Female Electric Strings Quartet

A dynamic female electric strings quartet that bring live effects, palpable energy and a fresh take on the genre
Provide a high impact show that has been created specifically to showcase their vibrancy, versatility and improvisational skills
Repertoire includes music from Fatboy Slim to Pink Floyd, Madonna, Muse and more
Also offer a classical/pop/atmospheric background set to complement each event perfectly
Based in the UK and available for worldwide bookings

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A dynamic female electric strings quartet that breaks the rules of traditional electric string groups with live effects, excitable energy and a fresh take on the genre. 

With extensive professional performances and studio experience, our four musicians come together to bring a fresh twist on electric string music which has an outstanding effect on their audiences. 

Providing a high impact 15 minute show that has specifically created to showcase their vibrancy, versatility and improvisational skills their repertoire includes music from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Muse and many more. 

Taking their audiences on a journey from ambient bliss to high octane entertainment our four musicians liven every event up with their contagious energy and remarkable talent. Also offering classical, pop and ambient sets to complement their 15 minute showcase building the event up to the moment where they begin their showstopper. 

Whether you desire the high octane performance or prefer chill out ambient sets that set the tone of your event - our four musicians can provide the perfect musical accompaniment to complement your event effortlessly. A quartet that consists of two violins, viola and cello - our female strings quartet boasts a stunning performance that merges the sounds of their string instruments effortlessly.


Top Tip:

Our electric string quartet are also available as a trio, duo or solo performer and can customise their repertoire to suit your event whether it be a corporate function, wedding, private party, gala dinner or grand showcase.

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