Female Fire Performer Florida

Female Fire Performer Florida

A professional fire and circus performer, our female artist offers multiple fire props and will wow your guests with jaw-dropping routines
Our fire dancer has performed at events in the US and worldwide, providing many exciting acts including hula hoops, staffs, fire breathing & more
The fire show is fully adaptable in regards to costume, theme or music and ideal entertainment for festivals, weddings and corporate events
Happy to perform classic acts like fire eating or her unique fire mermaid act, this artist creates an unforgettable experience for everyone
Based in Tampa, Florida, our female fire performer is available for bookings throughout the USA and events worldwide

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Our Variety Fire Act Florida offers you and your guests a visually captivating live show that promises an unforgettable event.

As a highly skilled circus performer specialised in fire and specialty acts, her fire shows are beautifully choreographed and fully customisable to meet your needs. Whether you want to include branded costumes, incorporate a certain theme or split the show into segments, our professional artists will make it possible and provide you with a bespoke show. Her performance can consist of a great variety of acts including fire hoops, fans, staff, palm torches, fire eating & breathing. If you are looking for a unique and simultaneously visually stunning entertainment option, you might be interested in her mermaid act.

Female Fire Performer Florida is the ideal choice for a wide range of events such as nightclubs, weddings, festivals, parades, VIP parties, corporate functions and special occasions. Our incredible artist has also performed at multiple children's events and as a highly-skilled LED performer, also offers shows for venues that do not allow fire entertainment. 

Looking for the ultimate Halloween entertainment or just a warming ambience at your upcoming event? Then don't hesitate and get in touch with our team of entertainment specialists who will assist throughout the booking process.

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