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Female Sword Swallower

A female sword swallower who has performed to critical acclaim is a magnificent stunt act for any occasion
A circus act that combines unique stunts with comedy and charming performances
Our Berlin sword swallower is fluent in four languages and has stunned audiences in over 22 countries
Holds several world and Guinness records for her talents in unique performance
Based in Berlin and available for worldwide bookings

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Watch as your guests are left utterly astounded by our female sword swallower as she works with unusual objects, devouring them whilst remaining completely unharmed. Having performed to critical acclaim throughout the world each of her shows are combined with style, stunts and comedy creating a captivating performance that you just cannot help but look away from. Our Berlin sword swallower offers a dramatic stunt act that keeps audiences hooked and wanting more.

Witness our sword swallower slide a gigantic sword down her throat without even a scratch!  Our female sword swallower is one of the first performers to swallow real flowers! An incredible sword swallower who performs the art of swallowing a sword in addition to combining magic in a unique and stylish way that is gripping to watch.

Born in Russia and raised in Sweden and England this female sword swallower’s multicultural upbringing has made her into a fantastic international artist who can speak four different languages in addition to performing in over 22 different countries! Being one of the last surviving female sword swallowers, this circus act is constantly in high demand as she holds several world and Guinness records for her extraordinary talents. 

Not only does this remarkable stunt act swallow swords, flowers and other unique objects but our daredevil can also perform mind bending acts of magic that are highly interactive and astonishing! Having performed on numerous TV shows and at gala events, cabarets, theatres and festivals all over the world our sword swallower has also performed for royal families, presidents, art and fashion events, charity events and more! 

A female sword swallower that will undoubtedly leave every audience member in awe.

To book our unique stunt act or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.


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