Real Name Jumbles

Flair Bartender UK

Jaw-dropping performances will pump up any crowd
Ranked at 4th in the UK for his flair bartending
Difficult routines, high-energy music & captivating showmanship
Offers shows & workshops bar owners, corporate events & parties
Based in the UK & available to perform at events worldwide

Flair Bartender UK PHOTOS

Ranked at number 4 in the UK, this talented flair bartender is passionate about flaring and is dedicated to making sure that his performances are world class. A regular competitor in national and international competitions, he has numerous accolades to his name including first place at ‘Flair Enough 2013’ and second place in ‘Bar Wars 2013’, he was also a UK finalist for ‘Bombay Sapphire World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’ and resident judge for ‘Old School Rules Flair Competition’.

His jaw-dropping performances will pump up any crowd. Audiences will watch in awe as he twirls and spins multiple bottles and shakers through the air to a high-octane soundtrack; his tight choreographies, difficult moves and captivating showmanship create a spectacular show.

Alongside his performances for corporate events and high-end private parties, he also offers workshops and training for bar owners and delegates. He will teach participants how to free pour with multiple bottles, mix innovative cocktails and flair moves. Available as one to one sessions or in groups, his training sessions are fun and informative.

" One of London’s most talented cocktail gurus… [he] has prepared a cocktail menu that will trigger your taste buds and take you on a journey of adventure and excitement with a mix of exotic flavours and mind blowing presentations. "


" Jaw-dropping; the best words to describe the show he presented for us. The whole show was choreographed beautifully with the music, building up to a mind-blowing finale. People of all ages were thoroughly entertained and cheering for more. "

Josh Smith, ‘Off To Work’ Bar Services Development Manager


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