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Football Trickster Team UK

Brilliant football tricksters that'll wow your guests with amazing routines and interaction.
Incredible football act featuring high impact football skills.
Fun filled street football performances that will instantly captivate your guests.
Perfect football experience for parties, sporting events, corporate events, etc.
Football workshops available for booking for events throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Our incredible football tricksters are bound to be a hit among your guests at your upcoming social gathering or special events, as our wonderful street footballers create a bespoke and captivating sports entertainment opton. Our dazzling and phenomenal football act showcases the urban and remote take on traditional football and features a variety of creative tricks and manoeuvres that will dazzle your guests with instant success. Providing a host of different routines, our football tricksters can also offer an assortment of different workshops that will get your guests close to our brand of street football and performers.

Lasting for around 1 hour to 3 hours, our highly versatile street footballers have been featured on Disney XD, SoccerAM, New Balance, and an assortment of different projects created by Adidas and Xbox. Featuring a dazzling panna arena, our football act is perfect for a variety of advertising purposes, as ads can be displayed alongside the panels that form our bespoke panna arena. Our workshops are fun, filled with high energy, and feature exceptional street football atmosphere that will see your guests smiling for hours. Our phenomenal football experience will quickly become the talk of your special event.

Our highly skilled football tricksters team will demonstrate impressive street football skills and engage and entertain your guests, by providing everyone the chance to interact and play against our talented crew of street football experts. An engaging and entertaining football experience that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and lasting impressions. A positive and productive form of high energy endurance building fun, our wonderful street football experience is the perfect sport themed option for private parties, corporate events, family days, sporting events, charity functions, and much more.

If you are interested in booking our exceptional football tricksters for your upcoming special occasion, contact any of our helpful entertainment experts here at Scarlett Entertainment who are more than happy to answer your questions, as well as guide you through our booking process.


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