Lutrek Statues - Poet & Fruit Seller

Fruit Seller Living Statue

Remarkable street performers will turn heads and captivate guests both young and old.
Sensational living statues recreate a classic fruit seller image for your event.
Interactive engaging entertainment that will keep guests on their toes.
Perfect human statues for themed shows, private parties, corporate functions, etc.
Book themed statues for events across the UK and worldwide.

Fruit Seller Living Statue PHOTOS

Are you looking for a mind grabbing living statues act that will keep your guests on their feet and feeling entertained and engaged? Look no further than our sensational street performers! A wonderful and classic human statues display that will create a wonderful atmospheric quality for your upcoming event or social gathering by keeping your guests refreshed and on their toes as they engage in conversation, creating remarkable engaging entertainment, our fantastic themed statues showcase our roaming living statues dressed and painted up as a classic fruit seller!  

Your guests will love our engaging entertainment experience, as our frozen in time living statues fruit seller creates compelling bespoke and spontaneous skits that will keep your guests laughing throughout the duration of your special event. Our roaming street performers are true entertainers, and will perform the eccentric human statues act with sophistication, charm, and complete dedication, as our entertainer provides your guests with unique meet and greet experiences and wonderful photo opportunities. An exceptional themed statues act that can also double as sidekicks to a comedic host or comedy based event, the possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to our living statues. 

Always perfecting this epic display of street art, our street performers are truly interactive and will engage your guests with a variety of different hilarious actions that will keep them upbeat and filled with energy. An exceptionally creative and classic street act that is sure to leave your guests with unforgettable memories as our living statues always perform to impress. These classic street performers will not disappoint, and provide the perfect engaging entertainment experience for street shows, private parties, corporate events, themed occasions, festivals, and more.

If you are interested in treating your guests to a wonderful display of themed statues by booking our talented fruit seller inspired living statues, contact our Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who are standing by to assist you with any booking needs you might have.

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