Perry Paul

German Ventriloquist

A comic ventriloquist puppet show that will have the audience laughing all day and night!
Puppet theatre like no other that can even feature a talking hat.
Our comedy artist has previously brought laughter across the globe
Hire comedy show for your next corporate event, family days, and more.
Book our hilarious comedy entertainment show in Germany and worldwide.

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Engaging puppet theatre show features comedy artist and experienced ventriloquist performer. Comedy show features puppet show using props such as a talking hat. Comedy entertainment is a fantastic option for a wide variety of events. Puppet show performer is based in Germany and available to perform at events worldwide. 

Our German ventriloquist has captivated audiences of all ages with his unique take on the art form, our performer can literally bring any item to life to the delight of the crowd he's performing for. Versatile in his art form, our comedy artist can bring cars, screens, bauche, jackets, helmets, and more to life while also bringing a more traditional ventriloquist act to any event worldwide. He's a true gentleman that will be sure to treat your guests with the utmost respect while giving them a true comedy show that will have them laughing throughout the day.

Our ventriloquist performer's brand of comedy entertainment has been worked on for years and he strives to continue to improve his act with each performance whether it be on stage or up close and personal, our act is sure to bring a breath of fresh air with him as he interacts with guests and truly makes them feel like their a part of the show.

Our puppet theatre performer is able to adapt his performance for any event, weather it is for a corporate event or family day, you can expect the same highly-skilled performance from our act at any of his events. Our ventriloquist combines just the right amount of comedy and wonder to bring smiles and joy wherever he may take his act.

Scarlett Entertainment is bringing the best of ventriloquist entertainment and world-renowned puppet theatre to events either big or small, you can expect our performers to bring life to any event or gathering you have planned. If you're interested in booking our well-rounded German ventriloquist, make sure to get in contact with one of our many skilled entertainment specialists who are always happy to make sure your upcoming event or party is truly a fun experience that no one will forget.


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