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Gospel Choir Toulouse

Consist of 12 singers & 4 musicians (Piano, bass, drums and lead guitar)
Perform traditional gospel, urban and modern gospel
Popular at weddings, receptions, private & corporate events
The choir can sing in French, English and Creole
Based in Toulouse & available to perform at events throughout France

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This Toulouse based gospel choir consist of 12 singers and four musicians (Piano, bass, drums and lead guitar), and are the ideal entertainment option for a truly memorable and uplifting experience.

These young singers and musicians come from all walks of life, and perform traditional gospel and a variety of other musical styles including particular emphasis on urban and modern gospel. 
The group can sing in French, English and Creole.  Their songs convey a message of love, brotherhood and peace, and they invite the audience to participate in their performance by hand clapping, dancing or singing.

The gospel singers are available with a range of line-ups including:
- The entire group
- A trio (soprano / alto / tenor)
- Several singers and a pianist
- Only musicians