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Gospel Duo Bordeaux

A truly memorable and uplifting experience for weddings in France
Duo composed of gifted instrumentalist & a moving, powerful vocalist
Uplifting entertainment that warms the soul and refreshes the spirit
Deliver authentic performances of soul and gospel songs
Based in Bordeaux, France and available to perform at events worldwide

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Unforgettable entertainment from one of Scarlett Entertainment's top gospel choirs.

Composed of two acclaimed musicians - individually accomplished as singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists - the duo performs stirring improvised covers of classics such as Amazing Grace, Let My People Go, Oh Happy Day, Down By the Riverside. Their soulful renditions and passionate vocals will uplift the spirit and warm the heart of your audience.

Backed by ten solid years of performance experience either as individual musicians or as part of a group, they deliver authentic performances of soul and gospel songs perfect for private functions, church gatherings, festivals, weddings, baptisms and private parties.