The Stigettes

Grand Prix Female Models

Striking & unusual meet & greet act perfect for entertaining the crowds
Mechanical robot like movements & mysterious silence will intrigue guests
Will strike a pose with your guests a make lasting memories
Ideal for the Grand Prix, auto shows, exhibitions & themed events
Based in the UK & available to perform at events worldwide

Grand Prix Female Models PHOTOS

Especially created for the Grand Prix these female counterparts to Top Gear’s notorious driver ‘Stig’ will have hearts racing as they strut around your event! 

Dressed in identical sexy black leather one-pieces complete with chequered belt, red gloves and white driver helmets they certainly look the part and will grab attention the moment they appear meet and greet your guests. More than happy to strike a pose with your guests, they move in a perfectly synchronised mechanical robotic fashion, which coupled with their mysterious silence, adds drama and anticipation to any event!

Their black suits can be branded on request to displays logos, branding and text making them the perfect choice for car and product launches as well as Grand Prix events, auto shows, exhibitions and half time entertainment.

Their walkabout act can also be tailored to suit your specific event needs - talk to one of our expert entertainment co-ordinators to discuss the possibilities!