Hair Aerialist San Francisco

Hair Aerialist San Francisco

Floating seemingly effortlessly above your event guests, our incredible aerialist performs a dynamic and mesmerising routine suspended by her hair
Highly tailorable, this hypnotising act can incorporate ribbons, silk fans, confetti or juggling to add that extra wow-factor to the performance
With a range of costumes that can be adapted for any event, including corporate galas, holiday parties and more, she is perfect for all occasions
One of few artists' globally that is trained in both hair hang and physical comedy, she can tailor the show to be either sophisticated or comedic
Based in San Francisco, California, this exciting aerial cirque performer is available for events throughout the USA and worldwide

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  • Lewis and Clark Circus
  • Ringling Bros
  • Skylark Entertainment
  • SFO
  • Velocity Circus
  • Great America
  • Circus Center
  • BerberSF