Brayskop Hammock Trapeze

Hammock Trapeze Act Melbourne

Talented aerial duo who'll provide your event with an artistic level of elegance
A unique trapeze act that showcases the traditional art form with a beautiful hammock
Versatile aerialists that'll captivate audiences at events of any size
Wonderful circus show ideal for themed events, corporate functions, and much more
Skilled circus performers available throughout Australia and worldwide

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Flying through the air with elegance and grace, our highly skilled aerial duo will bring an extra punch of glitz and glamour to your upcoming special event or gathering, providing an awe inspiring and jaw dropping performance that'll captivate guests of all ages.

These wonderful aerialists have performed their sensational circus show and trapeze act for a multitude of events around the world, leaving a lasting impression each time, showcasing their amazing feats of strength, endurance, and wonderment. A phenomenal pair of circus performers that'll quickly become the highlight of your event.

Our incredible trapeze act is a seven minute visual spectacle that combines the traditional dancing trapeze art form with a hammock that'll help our aerial duo tell a wonderful and beautiful tale of love, that'll keep guests engaged and entertained with each and every body twisting move.

Our exceptional circus performers are versatile performers and can accommodate any event theme or style with a variety of costume options that'll suit your gathering, the music can also be customised as our exceptional aerialists can also adapt their performance among a variety of different songs.

A breath taking circus show that'll leave guests with unforgettable memories that'll keep the conversation flowing for hours, providing your event with great quality aerial manoeuvres and visually appealing costumes. Our trapeze act is the ideal choice of entertainment for a mature themed event, corporate function, gala dinner, PR stunts, advertising campaigns, theatre performances, and many more. This

elegant performance will take your event to the top with ease.

If you're interested in booking our exceptional and amazing aerial duo and want to treat guests to an elegant trapeze act, contact our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment event specialists who'll be more than happy to assist you with your booking, as well as answer any questions you might have in regards to our act.

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