Female Hang Drum

Hang Drum Player

Incredible hang drum player will enchant your guests with her unique act
Beautiful live music entertainment created with one of the world’s rarest instruments
Talented instrumentalist can offer performances as a soloist or as part of a duo
Ideal for festivals, themed occasions, parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc.
Professional musician available to hire for events across China

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Certain to make your special occasion absolutely unforgettable, our gifted hang drum player will create a fantastic atmosphere of serenity and enchantment as she performs on one of the rarest instruments in the world. A truly unique act that will intrigue your guests, the hang provides one of a kind live music entertainment, with our professional musician delivering a sensational performance for all to enjoy. Able to perform as a soloist or as part of a musical duo, our talented instrumentalist will not disappoint.

Creating a melancholic and bewitching soundscape, this extraordinary instrument promises to leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears it, with our experienced and professional musician producing a beautiful event soundtrack that showcases her unique and elegant performance style. Highly trained with an undeniable passion for music, our wonderful performer delivers pure excellence in every note, expertly bringing the perfect mood to all occasions with her amazing performances on the hang and space drums.

Able to produce an impressively diverse range of music with her unique act, our hang drum player will charm listeners as she demonstrates the fusion of melody and rhythm this rare instrument is famous for. Handmade by only two people in the entire world, hangs are extremely hard to come by, and as such are considered a musical specialty, with our brilliant musician sure to add an exciting and remarkable element to your special occasion.

Producing phenomenal music as either a soloist or alongside other musicians, our hang player is ideal for festivals, private parties, ceremonies, themed events, weddings and more, and is available to book for events throughout China.

As the leading supplier of event entertainment around the world, at Scarlett Entertainment we have something for every occasion, providing outstanding acts and services for both private and corporate events of every theme, size, and budget. Global specialists when it comes to all forms of live music entertainment, contact our coordinators today to find out more about hiring unique acts for your event.


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