Pass Go Juggling - Glow Show

High-Tech LED Juggling Show

Exciting LED entertainment comprised of a professional LED juggling duo!
Glow Show features multiple LED props & a variety of styles & LED costumes
Can create custom performances suited to your specific event
Perfect for corporate events, festivals, private events & much more
Based in the UK & available to book to perform at events worldwide

High-Tech LED Juggling Show VIDEOS

High-Tech LED Juggling Show PHOTOS

Offering sensational LED entertainment that is sure to captivate guests at your event, our LED jugglers will be the highlight of the night!

Performing with a range of LED props, including clubs and staffs, and wearing high-tech LED costumes, our LED juggling duo give an exciting performance set to an atmospheric soundtrack. Throughout the high-impact, precision choreographed routine the duo switch props ensuring that their audience is kept engaged throughout the show.

Both talented circus performers with years of experience showing their act at events large and small, graduates of one of the UK’s only two circus universities, and experts in a range of additional circus disciplines, you can rest assured that this glow act offers professional, high-quality entertainment.

The LED clubs, poi and staffs can be programmed to change colour into time with the music and can include specific colours to match event themes and company branding.

Perfect for events with a high-tech or futuristic theme, book our LED glow show for corporate events, private parties, festivals and much more.

Top Tips

  • This mesmerising show is available in two different formats: a 10-minute high-energy, high-impact show, or 30-minute sets of ambient walkabout entertainment.
  • Looking for a tailor-made performance? No problem our experience circus entertainers can put together something bespoke just for you. Talk to one of our entertainment coordinators to find out more.

" A clean, high energy fun juggling act and are a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend them for any gala performance. "

John Godbolt, Godbolt Circus

" … provide a quality and show stopping service. Amazing performers with fantastic skills! Professional on and off the stage. I have booked them many times and will continue to do so. "

Steph Lamey, Managing Director, Surefire Circus

" …very professional, with a flawless routine to back it up. I will definitely be booking them again. "

Roo Jenkyn-Jones, Company Director, Foolish Rogues

" … an amazing duo! We have employed them on so many different events, from mix and mingle acts to stunning stage shows, these guys have got it all. they are very hard working, always early and willing to go that extra length to ensure we get the best costumes and shows. They are both very talented in many areas and are always putting new shows together. We love employing them and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a true circus style performance. "

Gemma Andrews, Managing Director, Evolve Entertainment LTD


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