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Human Blowfish

Extraordinary human blowfish will give guests a spectacle they’ve never seen before
Amazing dancing blowfish will amaze audiences with its wacky and colourful dancing
One of a kind dance show perfect for children’s parties, theatres, cabaret, cruise ships and events
Bizarre and otherworldly speciality act can be set to spooky music for a creepy Halloween act
Unique dancing blowfish act available for events worldwide

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Book this imaginative and colourful human blowfish act and bring a truly unique and original attraction to your event. Our stunning dancing blowfish act features a duo of our ingenious performers in gigantic blowfish costumes that create a stunning impression with their bright colours, spiky bodies and otherworldly appearance. These incredible deep sea creatures perform a bizarre and mesmerising dance show, spinning and jumping about to create a lively and stunning spectacle.

Our dancing blowfish act is sure to be a hit with audiences as our madcap creatures shrink and expand just like real blowfish. Guests will be dazzled by this one of a kind speciality act that promises to give adults and children anywhere an unforgettable sight.

Our brilliant human blowfish are a sight to behold with their spherical neon bodies and bulbous eyes and faces. These dancing blowfish resemble creatures from another world or supernatural denizens of the deep and are sure to spark the imagination of children and adults alike. These magical creatures perform a unique and captivating dance show as they spin and leap and puff themselves up like real blowfish.

This extraordinary speciality act is a brilliant choice of off the wall entertainment for children’s parties, theatres, cruise ships, cabaret shows and festivals and any event with a magical underwater theme. Our dancing blowfish act is performed to pumping dance music for a high energy show with lots of impact, and can also be set to a more spooky soundtrack with the lights dimmed for a creepy Halloween themed performance. Give your guests something they’ll never forget with this brilliantly weird human blowfish. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a fantastic range of unique and speciality acts to dazzle and entertain your guests.

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