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Human Joystick Interactive Game

Incredible interactive games will keep your guests jumping and moving.
Sensational exhibition entertainment will wow your guests with outstanding activities.
With a variety of games to choose from including games controlled by motion and voice sound.
Perfect team building experiences for private parties, themed occasions, and more.
Book interactive entertainment for events across the Czech Republic and worldwide.

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Hire our remarkable team building experience and treat your guests to wonderful interactive games and arcade games that are sure to be a huge hit at your upcoming special event or social gathering. Our wonderful interactive entertainment will demonstrate impressive and high impact team building activities, offering a variety of different games that are fast paced, elaborate, and expertly based around helping one another will amaze and delight. An exceptional exhibition entertainment experience and visual pleasing interactive set of games that will surely provide a wow factor element for your event. 

Wide variety of interactive games available

Offering a comprehensive set of interactive games, our sensational arcade games are also available in a variety of options that include the ability to be used alongside a DJ or other musical act. Our unique interactive entertainment experience is very versatile and can surely tailor itself to suit your event needs. Our entertaining team building games promote a healthy lifestyle and active mindset by presenting players with games that involve the waving of hands and jumping. Exhibition entertainment that is bound to inspire and amaze audiences worldwide. A common theme for our elaborate arcade games is to promote teamwork, dedication, and passion through virtual means.  

Our eccentric interactive entertainment experience usually lasts a few minutes between games depending on the teamwork being presented by your guests,  and will showcase our games' creativity to amaze. Bound to leave guests with unforgettable memories and experiences, our wonderfully planned team building arcade games are built to entertain guests no matter their age. A truly interactive experience that is perfect for product launches, exhibitions, themed events, private parties, outreach program events, positive lifestyle functions, and more. 

Fully interactive and customisable experience

Clients can also select brand new games which are controlled by voice and sound. Teams control graphics and video projection by singing. An amazing way to get teams working together in order to win the game, the wide variety of games available makes this technology act unique, innovative and highly entertaining. 

All the different games require different forms of interaction: some games can be controlled by clapping whilst others require people to shout, make some noise, wave their hands or tap their feet on the floor. Most games are fully customisable. For example, they can be branded with your logo or corporate image. Other customisation options include the naming of teams and the allocation of branded images for each team. 

Book interactive games for your event 

If you are interested in bringing our sensational and entertaining interactive games to your upcoming event or gathering, contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to assist you with our booking process, as well as answer any questions you might have.

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