Wild About Gorillas with Samson and Delilah

Hyper Real Gorilla Act

Hyper-real gorilla and baboon will have audiences second guessing themselves over these impressive animal lookalikes
Animal entertainment with human qualities WOWs audiences as they see a Gorilla in captivity dancing and mimicking them
Gorilla costume and baboon costume look remarkably like their animal cousins
Audiences can get up close and personal with a realistic mountain Gorilla
Based in Orlando, Florida and available for worldwide bookings

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A one of a kind gorilla costume that is so realistic, audiences have to take multiple glances at our animal entertainment to see if a gorilla can really dance and move like a human! Not only do we provide a lookalike Gorilla but a hyper real Baboon character can also accompany our fury friend to give your event the ultimate animal experience.

A unique walkabout act that gives audiences the opportunity to get up close with a realistic mountain gorilla, provides fantastic photo opportunities, children’s parties and is perfect for event entertainment that desires a zoo theme. 

Our gorilla interacts with audiences like a real gorilla, adding subtle human hints to make audiences believe that a gorilla is performing human qualities. A remarkable gorilla costume that roams around events, interacting with audiences and playing with the illusion of whether or not it is a real gorilla.

Our lookalike gorilla is uncanny and perfect for any movie launches or events that feature a gorilla or require animal entertainment. A fantastic attraction that is like no other, our hyper real gorilla costume looks great with his little baboon character that can be booked in addition to the gorilla character.

A gorilla show that has taken two years to develop has partnered with the best in the business to provide awesome feature attraction and grounds act. Our Gorilla costume can be used to fool people into thinking that he is real by sitting in a zoo like enclosure behaving like a real gorilla but then mimicks the audience by dancing or performing various other humanly attributes.

In addition to the caged gorilla show our gorilla can roam around events providing fabulous photo opportunities and wonderful experiences of being close to a gorilla. Our baboon character can be carried around by our zoo keepers and also used as a fantastic feature in photos. 

To book our lookalike hyper real gorilla costume and baboon character, contact our Entertainment Specialists.