Kyle & Mistie Knight

Illusionist Duo

Unique illusion show includes huge multimedia screens
Electrifying duo wow with their own unique style of magic
Headlined in the “World Stars of Magic”, LV and Magic Castle, Hollywood
Perfect for corporate events and private parties in venues large & small
Based in Las Vegas and available to perform at events worldwide

Illusionist Duo VIDEOS

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This incredible husband and wife duo have wowed audiences in more than 70 countries around the world with their own unique brand of magic and multimedia show! 

Testament to their professionalism and jaw-dropping illusions, they have headlined in “World Stars of Magic” in Las Vegas, at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and  “The House of Magic” at Studio City Resort & Casino in Macau, China. They have also made numerous TV appearances and are no strangers to entertaining the masses! 

Both award-winning performers, this electrifying duo have created an outstanding magic show filled to the brim with lightning fast sleights of hand, astounding grand illusions, escapology tricks and dazzling costume quick changes. Making this act even more unique is the use of huge video projection screens giving audiences a close up view of the duo’s baffling sleight of hand tricks, these magicians really have nowhere to hide! Performing with a bold and modern style and a touch of irreverence, they allow their audiences to get close up and involved in their magic in a way that has never been seen before. 

Able to tailor their show to suit venues large and small, from intimate cabaret spaces, to thousand seat theatres.  With a unique ability to connect with and captivate their audiences, this illusionist stage show will be the highlight of your event. 

Top Tips: 

Talk to us about the tech and see how their incredibly unique multimedia screens can fit into your event space!

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