Insta-Selfie Printer

Insta-Selfie Printer

Brilliant photo service turns your event goers into event photographers
A unique memento as guests print their selfies onto magnetic paper
Branded layout designed to your exact specifications
Personalised hashtag allows you to boost your social media presence
Based in Amsterdam and available for events worldwide

Insta-Selfie Printer VIDEOS

Insta-Selfie Printer PHOTOS

A new and unique photo experience, this exciting and eye catching system uses the latest technology to allow your event goers to print out photos taken on their mobile phones instantaneously on branded magnetic paper.

Guests upload their selfies to Instagram using a customised hashtag and the special technology picks up the photos as they appear online. Guests can then use the touch screen interface on the easy to use printers to select their photos and print them out straight away.

A much-needed modern update to the static photo booth, it will capture the perfect moments from your event, with the prints coming from either a wall mounted or free standing printer which can be custom branded.

Research done by Purdue University in the USA has shown that magnets on the refrigerator at home are one of the most cost effective advertising channels in the industry. On average your branded magnet on someone’s fridge will generate 15,000 impressions per year!

This system is the perfect way to combine the physical with the digital, engaging with your guests offline at the event and in their homes, while creating a massive viral effect online across social media platforms for your brand!

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