Trio Juve

Instrumental Female Ensemble

Fantastic instrumentalists will bring sophistication and charm to your event
Talented violinist, cello player, and pianist perform diverse repertoire
Live music entertainment with professional musicians will have mass appeal
Ideal for parties, weddings, corporate function, gala dinners, ceremonies, etc.
Musical ensemble available to hire for events in Bulgaria and worldwide

Instrumental Female Ensemble VIDEOS

Instrumental Female Ensemble PHOTOS

A sensational musical act who are certain to have universal appeal at your special occasion, our wonderful instrumental ensemble is comprised of professional musicians who will create the perfect atmosphere for your event. Providing exceptional live music entertainment, this versatile group can perform in a variety of lineups in order to bring you the right sound for your occasion, with the standard line up consisting of a pianist, cello player and violinist playing as a musical trio.

Bringing a refined and classy ambience to all events, our talented ensemble are dedicated to providing an outstanding performance every time they take up their instruments, and will provide you with musical excellence for your special occasion. Playing with a bold, vivacious energy and an expert understanding of their art, these professional musicians offer lyrical sophistication and a fantastic soundtrack for all to enjoy. 

Extremely versatile, our gifted violinist, cello player, and pianist perform an eclectic mix of both traditional and contemporary music, with their diverse repertoire including classical pieces, jazz standards, and modern day chart toppers. Tailoring their set list to your occasion in order to set the tone and create a rich soundscape with universal appeal, our musical virtuosos will also happily accommodate any special requests to ensure that you have a truly memorable experience.

Able to also perform as a duo consisting of either a pianist and a cello player or a piano player and violinist, this musical trio can also feature both string musicians performing on electric instruments. Ideal for private parties, corporate events, gala dinners, cocktail receptions, weddings, award ceremonies and more, our professional musicians are available to book for events throughout Bulgaria. 

Just one of the many musical ensembles that we can offer, at Scarlett Entertainment we specialise in providing exceptional live music entertainment to both private and corporate events around the world. For more information on what we can offer you for your special occasion, contact our entertainment co-ordinators today and let us help you turn your event into something extraordinary.