Beat the Kitchen

International Female Drum Group

Thrilling performance creates an energised atmosphere at any event
Blend percussion traditions from South America, Europe & Asia
Play both traditional & modern percussion ensembles
Perfect for themed events, corporate events, festivals & private parties
Based in Amsterdam & available to perform at events worldwide

International Female Drum Group VIDEOS

International Female Drum Group PHOTOS

This female percussion trio is formed of members hailing from South America, Europe and Asia. Together they bring together elements from all three continents to create a unique and exciting sound that will create an energised atmosphere for guests to get up and dance to.

Their spectacular percussion show features drums and rhythms from all over the globe creating both traditional and modern sounds. Whether you’re looking for soft whispering percussion to provide upbeat background music or a blazing percussion performance to be the centrepiece of your event these girls can deliver. Their percussion can also be accompanied by stunning vocals and electronic loops and samples (depending on the needs of the client).

Perfect for corporate events, festivals, gala events, private parties and more, this talented trio will be sure to liven up any event.

In coorperation with Tam Tam Productions.