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Italian Stage Magic Show

High energy and hilarious magic show will capture your guests' attention with ease
Professional and award winning stage magician will provide a variety of magic routines
Gut busting magic act will keep your guests on their toes
Ideal close up magician for corporate events, private parties, themed events, and more
Book eccentric magician for events throughout Italy and across the globe

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Book our incredible stage magician who is certain to take the spotlight at your next event or gathering, creating his own brand of close up and stage magic that is sure to captivate your guests no matter the age. Our family friendly comedy close up magician will entertain with his hilarious magic show, creating a glorious atmosphere for guests to enjoy. A fun and exciting magic act will supply your event with mind blowing and simplistic magic entertainment. Performing a variety of tricks, our event magician will blow your guests out of their seats with laughter and magic.

Described as a merchant of illusions, our close up magician performs with an assortment of magical props including balls, coins, cards, stones, and a classic magic wand. Our fantastic magic show has been performed throughout the globe with rave results as our stage magician has won numerous awards ranging from "World Champion Street Magic" in Sankt Wendel to winning first prizes at the "Montrecarlo Magic Day." Our magician has years of performance experience and has performed in every kind of situation, from street performances to elegant parlours, even prisons! There is no situation our stage magician can not conquer. 

Performing under his explosive and irreverent character, our event magician's essential magic makes him an eclectic and entertaining magic performer. If you are looking for an incredible yet completely simple magic act for your upcoming event, than look no further then our amazing magic show, as our versatile magician can tailor his electric performance to fit most themes and style guidelines. The perfect magic show experience for private parties, corporate events, street performances, theatre performances, themed occasions, product launches, weddings, and more. 

If you are interested in booking our wonderful stage magician for your upcoming special engagement, contact any of our helpful entertainment experts who are standing by to assist you with your booking needs.


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