La Compagnie du Swing

Jazz Manouche Montpellier

Four talented musicians perform gypsy swing standards
Repertoire of American Swing, French songs/crooners & soundtracks
Popular with jazz festivals, corporate events, weddings & parties
Consists of two guitarists, saxophonist/singer & bass player
Based in Montpellier & available to perform throughout France

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This Montpellier based Gypsy Jazz band consists of lead guitarist Gilbert, saxophonist/singer Gerard, rhythm guitarist Jean-François and bassist Yvan. 

These four talented musicians perform a repertoire of gypsy swing standards (made famous by Django Reinhardt), American Swing (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Fats Waller), Movie Soundtracks, French songs and French crooners (Charles Trénet, Jean Sablon etc...).