Dragonfly Jazz Band

Jazz Quartet Cape Town

Four talented and highly sought after jazz musicians
Provide easy listening jazz to hard driven be bop
Have performed with international artists, including rock band Queen
Can adjust their extensive repertoire to suit your event’s theme
Based in Cape Town and available to perform at events worldwide

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Jazz Quartet Cape Town are highly sought after, innovative jazz musicians who provide a collection of easy listening jazz through to be bop music for a wide range of events.

All experienced session musicians, the band have collectively performed with numerous international artists, including Queen, Jimmy Cliff, George Benson and Jennifer Jones to name a few.

Independently, the band members have also participated in major Jazz festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Joy of Jazz International Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Their experience and passion for music, allows them to adjust their extensive repertoire to suit your event’s theme. As well as providing a sound that is perfect for dancing, they can provide lounge jazz music, perfect for entertaining at a cocktail party or background dinner entertainment.