Jolie Goodnight

Jazz Singer Jodie

A creative tour-de-force and international jazz performer
Not your typical Jazz show, Jodie combines modernity and nostalgia
Well known for her dirty blues tunes and surprising audiences
Hailed as a staggering jazz singer and dazzling performer
Based in Texas and available to perform at events worldwide

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Not your typical performer, Singer Jodie is a creative tour-de-force, an international jazz performer in love with all things decadent and delightful.

Hailing back to the days of glitz and glamour, Jodie has dazzled audiences around the US with steamy fan dances and sensational jazz singing. Although she is hailed as a staggering jazz singer, she is well known for her dirty blues tunes and surprising audiences with a larger than life voice, a voice that’s been said to “drips from her mouth like sweet molasses.”

With a combination of modernity and nostalgia, Jodie combines Jazz references from the 30s - 50s but keeps it fresh with creativity and showmanship. The musical arrangements, the dazzling costumes, the stories told between songs all create a cohesive show. While guests are sure to hear all of their favourite tunes, Jodie digs deep to breathe fresh air into jazz standards.