Marjorie Martinez

Jazz Singer Marjorie

A talented Jazz singer with a beautiful voice full of mysterious charm
Her music is a mixture of jazz, blues, folk, rock and soul
Becoming increasingly recognised for her unique musical sound
She can perform with musicians in a duo up to a quartet
Based in Antibes and available to perform at events worldwide

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Singer, guitarist and songwriter, Marjorie is a unique vocalist, with a true sensitivity that emerges from her voice when she performs. Her original music is composed of a mixture of Blues, Folk and Rock with influences from popular artists such as: Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor.

The inspiration Marjorie has found from these singers has allowed her to create her own unique musical style where she sings with an elegant, sweet voice…but she also knows how to turn it up a notch and "rock”!

Marjorie is becoming increasingly recognised for her beautiful, unique sound, which combines musical quality, sincerity, elegance and emotion.

She can perform with her band as a duo up to a line up with four musicians, making her the perfect entertainment option for a wedding, corporate event, private party or more!