The Busquito's

Jazz Swing Theatre Act

Swinging quartet with an infectious mix of virtuoso instrumental music
Original and unique musical arrangements with impressive vocals
Play a large variety of music that goes back to the 'roaring twenties'
Can mingle & interact with the audience encouraging them to sing along
Based in Holland and available to perform at events worldwide

Jazz Swing Theatre Act VIDEOS

Jazz Swing Theatre Act PHOTOS

This Jazz Swing Theatre Act play an infectious mix of virtuoso swinging instrumental music with deep Louis Armstrong rasp vocals to create wonderfully cheerful and jazzy entertainment, guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

The guitarist of this merry jazzy swinging quartet has been voted as Holland’s best blues-bass-player 2010 and the vocals are sung with an impressive hoarse voice. If the time is right, they will mingle and interact with the audience, serenading them and even organise a limbo or line-dance. The Jazz Swing Theatre Act often get the audience to sing along to one of their catchy jazzy tunes making it high class entertainment for people of all ages.

The group play a large variety of music that goes back as far as the 'roaring twenties'. Hot Club, Jazz, Pop Rock & Roll, Classical Music, you’ll hear it all! Songs by Disney, Django Reinhart, the Mills Brothers, Sonny Rollins, and Irving Berlin, just to name a few as well as catchy tunes as Yackety Sax, The Love Boat, The Flintstones, The Nanny, Bonanza, Rawhide…the list goes on!