Jazz Prescription

Jazz & Swing Wedding Band

Create an atmosphere of elegance & class at any event
Have played some of the world’s top jazz clubs: Ronnie Scott’s, Iridium…
Can perform as a 4 to 7 piece band or as a solo singer & pianist
Provides the ideal background music for a wide range of events
Based in Manchester & available to perform at events worldwide

Jazz & Swing Wedding Band VIDEOS

Jazz & Swing Wedding Band PHOTOS

Looking to inject your event with an aura of class and sophistication? This incredible jazz band will do just that. Their smooth melodies, infectious rhythms and rich vocals are guaranteed to impress guests at your event.

This band will take you on a musical journey through time from the 1920’s and 30’s jazz swing era through to pop and soul dance floor fillers from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond! Their eclectic repertoire has something to suit audiences of all musical tastes and will not fail to pack dance floors and ensure that everyone has a swingin’ time.

Having performed at some of the world’s top jazz clubs and festivals such as: Ronnie Scott's (London) The Iridium (New York) The A-Trane, (Berlin) and the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague), you can rest assured that they will make your event a success! They can perform as a 4 to 7 piece band with a full brass section, depending on the size of your event, or they can perform as a solo singer and pianist, duo or trio. No matter their format, they will provide incredible background music or main entertainment for your event.