Miss Jolanda

Jazz Trio Hong Kong

Deep electro jazz performance synergy with soul and synth nuances
Headed by stunning Dutch-Thai vocal artist and songwriter Jolanda
Perform songs from Moloko to Womack & Womack to James Bond theme tunes...
Jolanda can collaborate with DJs to create a blend of cross genre music
Based in Hong Kong and available to perform at events worldwide

Jazz Trio Hong Kong VIDEOS

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A musical brainchild and collaboration between Jolanda and Paul, this eclectic creation combines talents of locally acclaimed musicians creating a Deep Electro Jazz performance synergy with Soul and Synth nuances. 

Headed by vocal artist Jolanda, the Jazz Band were formed in 2012 and regular group musicians include: Scott - bass, Paul - beat programming, Korg and Guitar and Jolanda - Vocals.  The group are based in Hong Kong offering a range of originals and intricate interpretations of songs by artists ranging from Moloko to Womack & Womack to James Bond theme tunes and Fleetwood.

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  • Play too Rough - Blue Six cover
  • Music & Wine - Blue Six cover
  • Trouble Man
  • You've Got the Love
  • Love Story
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Americano
  • Dreams
  • SkyFall
  • Pure - Blue Six cover
  • Girls wanna have fun
  • Teardrops
  • Moloko Sing it Back
  • Lady (Modjo)
  • Ain't Nobody
  • Happy Together
  • Fade (Solu)
  • Feeling good
  • 5x originals by Jolanda
  • In a Manner of Speaking