Siena Moon - LED act

LED Performer USA

Exciting and thrilling LED shows that will have your guests in an instant trance.
LED hula hoop artists that bring the best of LED hula hooping and light acts.
LED Entertainment that will light up any night time or dark room event.
Incredible hula hoop artist is perfect for weddings, corporate events, and more.
Unbelievable glow act available to perform at events across North America and worldwide.



Offering thrilling and unbelievable LED shows, our LED hula hoop artist will bring LED entertainment that's sure to hypnotize your guests for a fun-filled night of light bending. Our skilled hula hoop artist will get your party on its feet with a captivating LED show. This outstanding glow act will bring a fine tuned excitement factor by showcasing skills while wielding a variety of high quality props that have been infused with glamorous LED lights.  

World class go go-styled LED dancers will add a beautiful aesthetic to your event as they interact with guests through their enchanting beauty. A sultry ambiance will fill the night and is perfect for rave-themed festivals, private parties, club nights, gala dinners, and other events not afraid of the dark. Our LED act is always working on improving their performance, so you can expect a one of a kind experience that will take hold of guests' imagination.  

Guests will feel encapsulated as beautiful LED floats around the room. With years of experience and training in performing arts, our entertainers will provide a unique and beautiful light show that will be unforgettable and can be customized to almost any theme. A truly versatile act, our LED performers will come prepared with a smile and ready to provide the best in LED entertainment for your upcoming event.  

Scarlett Entertainment is all about making sure your next event or gathering has the perfect entertainment for your theme. Our LED performers guarantee dedication, hard work, and a fun day filled with LED goodness. So, if you're interested in booking our imaginative LED acts for your next event get in contact with any of the beautiful Scarlett Entertainment activity specialists to finalize all booking inquires you might have about our LED performers.


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