Live Drum and Beats Show

Live Drum and Beats Show

A unique live drum show fusing the power of drums and the vast energy of electronic music to create a fun party atmosphere
Has performed at the likes of Nikki Beach Ibiza, Madison Rooftop in London, Marbella Club and Paradigm Club Mallorca among other venues
Offers a vast repertoire of dance and club music, pop music and electronic songs
Can perform with other talented musicians such as a vocalist, DJ and/or saxophonist for a larger party sound
Based in Girona, Spain our live drummer is perfect for rooftop pool parties, clubs, residencies over Spain and festivals

Live Drum and Beats Show VIDEOS

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Video Credits: Apollo Visuals

  • Nikki Beach Ibiza
  • Madison Rooftop London
  • Marbella Club
  • Les Teules Discotheque
  • MYA Club Valencia
  • Chateau Les Carrasses