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Sensational illusion live shows will create unique unforgettable memories.
Remarkable illusionist will delight and wow audiences of all ages.
Incredibly unbelievable illusion magic show featuring Las Vegas-style dancers.
Illusion magic entertainment is ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more.
Book Illusionist magician to perform illusion stage show at events across the UK and worldwide.

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Our remarkable illusionist will ensure guests receive a one of a kind magical experience, as he performs phenomenal tricks that will twist your own reality. Our illusion stage show is the perfect magic entertainment choice for your event. Whether it's an intimate corporate brand reveal our illusion magic show will leave guests bewildered. A visually spectacular display of magic our illusion magician will keep your guests at the edge of their seat.

Our illusionist is highly trained and skilled in illusion-work and is always improving his own performances by practicing new and different magic tricks to further mess with the minds of those he's performing for. Our illusion magician is available as an on stage performer or he can take a more walkabout role and interact with guests on a more personal level, bringing his more intimate bag of tricks to create eye catching illusions right in front of their eyes. Guests will love our illusion magic show complete with dramatic music, effects, and world class tricks that are ideal for corporate events, private parties, festivals, theatre performances, and much more.

A fully immersive experience bringing the best in magic entertainment, our illusion stage show is complete with our experienced illusionist, who has worked to receive critical acclaim and has thrilled audiences around the globe. Our energetic illusion magic show features some of the most innovative and eye catching illusions. Also including a variety of stunning costumes, high energy choreography, and state of the art production elements, our act is a must see performer. Our one of a kind big illusion show can also be combined with numerous other Scarlett Entertainment acts to further captivate guests and fit within any theme setting.

If you're interested in booking our out of this world live magic illusion show for your next event or gathering, contact any of our amazing team members who will help you finalise your booking choices.


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