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Magician Keynote Speaker

Fascinating, engaging and motivating illusion magician keynote speaker
Motivational speaker performs magic tricks to illustrate key points and wow the guests
Amazing corporate entertainment suitable for staff motivation or after dinner talks
Our magician speaker will dazzle the audience with tricks and challenge preconceptions
Based in Australia and available internationally

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At Scarlett Entertainment we're proud of our excellent selection of speakers and hosts. Whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker, business professional, celebrity or sports person our keynote speakers are recognised as being some of the best in the business. With 14 years experience as a professional illusion magician this keynote speaker brings his experience of his skills to invite the audience to challenge their common sense and focuses on the idea of making the impossible possible.

This magician speaker will perform short illusion magic tricks to the crowd to illustrate people’s preconceptions of the possible outcome and make them challenge their thoughts on the impossible leaving them in the mind frame that anything is possible once you overcome logic. this motivational speaker's stage presence creates an atmosphere that engages audiences with charisma and laughter. The magician speaker also uses audience participation that your audience can marvel at and remember for many years to come.

Korean born illusion magician specialises in stage magic and close-up magic. He has a vast and extensive experience in his field and has been a guest on Korean TV Channels EBS, SBS
and MBC, to performing at corporate functions, events, weddings, cruises and dinner parties. He’s provided corporate entertainment for the likes of Hyundai and wowed audiences all over the world from Korea to the United States to Australia. He is well known for his face changing magic trick called ‘Bian Lian’, which is the only act of its kind in Australia to date.

Our keynote speaker is the perfect corporate entertainment for conferences, seminars, team-building workshops, conventions, brand events and more leaving the guests positively entertainment and more inclined to think outside the box.

To hire the magician keynote speaker for your event, don’t hesitate to contact us at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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