Ramil Mallari

Manila Drumming Group

An extremely colourful and visually stunning entertainment option
Known as the best drumming ensemble in the Philippines
Wide selection of themes, costumes and line-ups to choose from
Have performed over 10,000 times for TV, corporate and private events!
Based in Manila and available to perform at events worldwide

Manila Drumming Group VIDEOS

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This amazing drumming group is based in Manila and they have been performing together for over 14 years across Philippines.

They are known as the best Drumming Ensemble in the Philippines and have been performed over ten thousand times for private and corporate events, hotels and TV shows!

Their musical percussion style includes Samba, Reggae and traditional Philippines music.

They have many amazing colourful costumes to choose from and are extremely flexible and happy to tailor their performances and costumes to meet the client's requests and ensure your event is a complete success.

Perfect for themed events, festivals, carnivals, private and corporate events, team building exercises and much more!