Martial Arts Dance Performance

Germany’s first professional tricking show performance team
A martial arts dance performance that has wowed audiences from all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Japan, China and the US
A show that combines martial arts with dance and contemporary music
Can be customised to suit any theme, event or venue
Based in Germany and available for worldwide bookings

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A German martial arts dance performance that has heavily shaped the sport of tricking, our incredible performers bring a palpable energy and incredible fusion of dance and martial arts to the stage that is guaranteed to strike a chord with every audience member and leave them wanting more. 

What is Tricking?

Originating in the USA nearly 20 years ago, martial artists performed sequences that were judged in tournaments. To increase the point valuation, the more diverse spins and jump kicks became part of the sequences to increase the overall difficulty. Since then, videos of trickers have spread online with artists practicing techniques and showcasing routines on social media and international forums. What makes tricking different is that it is entirely free, and any kind of routine or kick variation can be incorporated in one leap. 

Our Martial arts performers have taken home the first place trophy twice at the BIG Trick, championships and gave successfully proven their abilities among the best tricking athletes in the world in the battles at the HOOKED European Championships. 

As Germany’s first professional tricking show performance team, the group aim to put tricking on the map and have been doing so all over the world with performances in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Japan, China and the US. 

With over 10 years performing and perfecting their own individual style and technique the crew have come together and have heavily shaped the sport over the years with their own skills, personality and group dynamic. Offering a completely diverse and bespoke show, our German tricking show can tailor their routines to complement your event, theme and venue perfectly.

With up to six performers available, our martial arts performers can perform as a solo act, duo, trio, and anything up to the full six member line up. 

Fantastic for creating a buzz at every event both on and offline, these highly trained professionals display outstanding athleticism, precision and choreography, making them the perfect entertainers for sporting events, PR stunts, brand launches, corporate events and major showcases. 

To book our martial arts dance performance or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.